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Web Rings

The Web Rings are still in a mess since Yahoo took them over. You might find that if a ring is here today that it might not be tomorrow. Seems that a lot of rings are being abandoned or just dropped by the ring leaders. If you find a dead link here please use our Report a Dead Link form to let us know. Thanks
  1. Genealogy on the Web Ring
  2. GenRing
  3. Heartland Genealogy Ring - For Geocities members only.
  4. International Internet Genealogical Society Leden Web Ring
  5. Genealogy Pages Web Ring
    Description: The Genealogy Pages Web Ring features larger genealogy sites with extremely good genealogy information: family data & information, pictures, stories, anecdotes, wills, etc. It may also include sites with products and/or services of interest to genealogists.
  6. Eastern Pennsylvania Genealogy
    Description: Eastern Pennsylvania Genealogy. This webring is for anyone doing research in Pennsylvania, but particularly in Eastern PA. You must be doing research somewhere in PA to join.
  7. The Turner Genealogy Ring
    Description: Please visit the Turner Genealogy Ring if you have any Turners in your family tree. You may find some new cousins! Please join the Turner Genealogy Ring if you have a web page containing Turner genealogy or family history and want more Turner genealogy researchers to visit your page.
  8. Oklahoma Genealogy Information and Resource Ring
    Description: WebRing of Oklahomans with a like genealogy interest to share information and resources via web pages.
  9. Hellenes-Diaspora Greek Genealogy Webring
    Description: Greek Genealogy,greek roots,heritage pages,greek ancestry,Greek Culture,Greek Surnames Database,Photos, Greek Travel Information, Scholarships and Educational Information for Hellenic Studies or Hellenes.
  10. Genealogy Benelux Web Ring
    Description: The Genealogy Benelux Web ring links together various genealogy sites about the Benelux region (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg). If you have Belgium or Dutch ancestors, they might be listed on one of the sites in this ring. If you have a genealogy page about ancestors from this area, or a Genealogy resource site about the Benelux then you are welcome to join this ring. ------------------------ Genealogie in de Benelux (Belgie, Nederland, Luxemburg).
  11. Genealogy World Web Ring
    Description: Genealogy World is a Web Ring dedicated to Genealogy related Sites, that specialize in family research, and family researchers, historians, and professional Genealogists. It is open to any site that is genealogy related.
  12. Tennessee Genealogy & History Webring
    Description: Tennessee genealogy and history websites -- statewide, regional, and county-level historical information and genealogy research advice; family and surname pages; calendars of events -- anything related to the State of Tennessee, its history, and the genealogy of its pioneers or its sons and daughters.
  13. Gum Tree Genealogy Ring
    Description: Genealogy Ring targeting Australian genealogy sites.
  14. Lonestar Genealogy Webring
    Description: Lonestar Genealogy Ring links Texas Genealogy Pages together. All sites are beneficial to those who have Texas ancestors.
  15. The Louisiana Genealogy Ring
    Description: Welcome to The Louisiana Roots WebRing; the Web Ring that bRINGs sites on Louisiana Genealogy together. Originally created for the Central Louisiana Genealogists, I realized there was a need for a Louisiana Genealogy WebRing! So, don't let the name fool ya. If you have a Louisiana Genealogy Site... You belong here!
  16. Virginia Genealogy Webring
    Description: The ring linking websites wholly or partly devoted to Virginia Genealogy.
  17. Commercial Genealogy Web Site Ring
    Description: Commercial Genealogy Web Site Ring - Welcomes all Genealogy related commercial sites! No "adult" content, please. No other restrictions apply.
  18. Native Genealogy Webring
    Description: This ring will be a circle of knowledge for all those seeking information about their Native American Genealogy heritage. If you have genealogical pages and are of Native American ancestry, you are welcome.
  19. The Genealogy Family
    Description: A Genealogy Web Ring on the move. With people who can help you in your search. Not just another genealogy web ring. There are things to do, places to go. HELP US GROW - JOIN THE FUN - JOIN THE GENEALOGY FAMILY WEB RING..:o)
  20. Irish Genealogy Sites
    Description: A webring of sites relating to Irish genealogy.
  21. Pennsylvania Genealogy Web Ring
    Description: Genealogy in Pennsylvania. For anyone who is researching their ancestors from Pennsylvania. Anyone who wants to join must be doing research in PA. They don't have to be living in PA.
  22. Indiana County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Web Ring
    Description: Indiana County Pennsylvania Genealogy Web Ring is for people doing genealogy work in Indiana County, Pennsylvania.
    Description: Dedicated to helping all moms, especially those with young children at home, to participate in the hobby of genealogy. ANY WOMAN can join, the title is not meant to exclude anyone--the topics on the mailing list and forum will generally be on tips to researching & encouraging one another. As well as teaching children the importance of family history and projects they can help with.
    Description: Tasmanian Genealogy and History links.
  25. Walker's of the World
    Description: Genealogy Links for all people looking and researching the surname Walker from all over the World.
  26. McHenry Families Webring
    Description: A McHenry Family and related Families Genealogy data gathering center.
  27. The Emerald Isle WebRing
    Description: Everything Irish, Links, Information, Travel, Personal web pages, Genealgy
  28. Green(e) Genes
    Description: This ring is dedicated to helping genealogists researching Green(e) families by sharing information and ideas. Sites involving Green(e) families are preferred, but anyone with a sledge hammer and who is willing to help tear down brick walls is welcome also.
  29. Alchin Families
    Description: A ring designated to bring together people from all over the world who share the unique 'Alchin' surname.
  30. Jennings Links that Ring the World
    Description: Web Pages created by members of the Jennings families throughout the world.
  31. The Frutschi WebRing
    Description: The descendants of Hans Frutschi
  32. Clann OGallchobhair World-Wide WebRing
    Description: Connecting the Home Pages of all Gallaghers, Gallahers, Gollaher, Gollighers, Gallachors, Gallchors, Gullihers, Gullihues, Gullivers and etc. from around the Earth as the World-Wide Web of Clann �Gallchobhair Hearths (Home Pages).
    Description: For people around the world who are researching their Scottish heritage and would like to help other treeclimbers.
  34. Massachusetts Genealogical Ring
    Description: The Massachusetts Genealogical Ring is open to all genealogists / family historians whose web pages have a very large concentration of research in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Share your common interests and ancestral history with others that are also deeply rooted in Massachusetts.
  35. Rushworth and Whroo - Family and Local History
    Description: Webring for sites focusing on the family or local history of Rushworth and/or Whroo, Victoria, Australia.
  36. Bobbitt Web Ring
    Description: For descendants of William Bobbitt, born 1645, died 1703, and his wife, Joanna Sturdivant, born 1653, died ? If you are a Bobbitt, or are related to the Bobbitts, and would like your website added to the ring, join now.
  37. Family Graveyard Associations
    Description: A ring comprised of Family Graveyard Associations in order to promote restoration and preservation of historic family graveyards. Member sites are to be a venue for: the recordation of specific text and photo graveyard history, exchange of information relevant to issues confronting small private graveyard associations and non-profits, expansion of statutory protections, increasing participation in said efforts as well as individual association membership.
  38. The Taylor Genealogy Webring
    Description: This webring exists to bring together as many genealogy sites with Taylor ancestry. This is in hopes that it can bring the information of these families to light for all to share.
  39. ANDREWS Genealogy
    Description: ANDREWS family name web ring Dedicated to helping those seeking to find more genealogy information about thier Andrews family.
  40. Southwestern Mississippi & Eastern Louisiana Genealogy and History Web Ring
    Description: This webring links sites that feature the genealogy of families and local histories of Southwestern Mississippi & Eastern Louisiana including the MS counties: Adams, Amite, Claiborne, Copiah, Franklin, Jefferson, Lawrence, Lincoln, Pike, Walthall, Wilkinson and the bordering Eastern LA parishes: Concordia, East Feliciana, St. Helena, Tangipahoa, and West Feliciana.
  41. Irish Genealogy
    Description: Irish genealogy. Searching your Irish roots in Ireland, America and the world.
  42. The Crocker Genealogy Web Ring
    Description: A Genealogy site for the exchanging of informtion on the Crocker Surname family tree's.
  43. Doyle Genealogy WebRing
    Description: The Doyle Genealogy Web Ring is open to web sites with content relevant to Doyle genealogy.  The purpose is to make Doyle genealogical information quickly and easily available.
  44. Norwegian Genealogy ring
    Description: Norwegian Genealogy sites on internet. Norske slektsforskersider p� internet.
  45. Humphreys Family Genealogy
    Description: Humphreys Family Genealogy, A ring for all researchers of the Humphreys surname and any variant spelling.
  46. McGill / Magill Genealogy Web Ring
    Description: A McGill/Magill Genealogy Web Ring which includes sites with information relevant to McGill and Magill genealogy.
  47. Bishop Genealogy Ring
    Description: Study and history of the Bishop Family and surname through genealogy. All sites in the ring have Bishop and related family information.
  48. Wade Family Genealogy
    Description: A genealogy Web ring for people researching the surname WADE and any variant spelling, ie. waid, waddell, waide, wades.
  49. Pickens Genealogy
    Description: Pickens Genealogy research.
  50. Pommern Genealogy Webring
    Description: Genealogy in the area of former Pomerania. Homepages that have links or surnames related to genealogy in Pomerania. Homepages of people with genealogical interest in Pomerania.
  51. Slovenian American Genealogy Web Ring
    Description: This site is for the advancement of genealogy research among Slovenians anywhere in the world.
  52. Tripod's Genealogy Pages Web-Ring
    Description: Genealogy pages on Tripod's Home Pages.
  53. Barnett Genealogy WebRing
    Description: Barnett Genealogy WebRing
  54. Centre County Pennsylvania Genealogy WebRing
    Description: Genealogy sites with family connections to Centre County, Pennsylvania.
  55. Donahue Family Genealogy Web Ring
    Description: Sites focusing on the genealogy and history of the Donahue Family in the United States and Ireland.
  56. Genealogy Italian Web Ring
    Description: Genealogy information about Italian Surname in Italy and world.
  57. Jenks Genealogy Sites
    Description: This Web Ring is for genealogy sites researching the Jenks, Jenckes, Jenkes, and other allied names.
  58. Braniff Genealogy Ring
    Description: Genealogy pages of researchers of the surname Braniff and similar spellings.
  59. Rolfe Family Genealogy Webring
    Description: The webring catering for all genealogy researchers of the Rolfe surname, including common variants.
  61. McCray Genealogy Ring
    Description: This ring is for sites that have genealogy information for the surname McCray. Join the fun!
  62. Brick Genealogy Web Ring
    Description: This is devoted to genealogy information for the Brick surname, specifically from Wales, but will include Bricks from Ireland and England also. This is to help people in their quest to trace their family history.
  63. SurnameRing
    Description: A component of the SurnameWeb, the SurnameRing links to surname related homepages on the web. These are genealogy sites that show interest in detailing the surname research of their webmaster or others on the web.
  64. Missouri Genealogy Ring
    Description: As a SHOW-ME state lets get our own ring going by adding our website to this new and hopefully ever growing webring. If you have any connections to Missouri please join the webring.
  65. Plant Your Family Tree
    Description: This ring is for Plant Yor Family Tree Award Winning Sites. It links many wonderful award winning genealogy sites! Submit your site and join the friendliest people on the web!
  66. The Family First Webring
    Description: The Family First Webring is for sites that believe the family is a top priority. Sites that qualify include, but is not limited to, personal family homepages, websites that offer information for families, genealogy sites, and others.
  67. The African-American Genealogy Ring
    Description: This ring is designed for African-American Genealogists with Web Pages displaying their family histories. If you are not African-American, but have AfAm in your family history, you, too, are welcome to join this Web Ring.
  68. IIGS Members Web Ring
    Description: I.I.G.S. Webring connects the genealogy websites of the members of the International Internet Genealogical Society (I.I.G.S).
  69. Genealogy Ring of the World
    Description: Links to Geonealogy sites, family trees.....a ring linking sites that link families together around the world.
  70. Eastern Kentucky Genealogy
    Description: Linking together those who are researching their ancestors in Eastern Kentucky.
  71. Native American Genealogy Ring
    Description: This ring is for anyone researching their Native American ancestors, regardless of tribe.
  72. Wilson Genealogy Exchange
    Description: Since Wilson is the 8th most popular surname, a way to link and exchange genalogy information pertaining to the Wilson family is needed. I hope this Ring will help all those find their missing Wilsons.
  73. The Westmoreland County History & Genealogy WebRing
    Description: Web sites must contain historical or genealogical material about Westmoreland County. Other acceptable material would include information on surrounding communities that originated from Westmoreland County. These other counties would include Allegheny, Armstrong, Fayette, Indiana, and Washington, but only to the extent of borderline communities. Personal webmasters as well as organizations are welcome to join!
  74. GenSearch Ring
    Description: GenSearch Ring, the WebMaster of which is Leith Hutton, the author of Leith Hutton's Genealogy Homepage, is a webring of genealogy sites of general interest. It covers a wide range of the most resourceful and useful sites relating to genealogy on the Internet. Its purpose is to provide a 'GenSearch Ring' of sites, in order to aide genealogists in their research.
  75. Stover Family Genealogy
    Description: For Amateur Genealogists Researching the Stover Surname. This includes all Stover lines and all spelling variations. Features include, Stover queries, Public information, such as census, stories, books, etc and also a Stover Mailing List and Newsletter.
  76. The Littlefield Genealogy Web Ring
    Description: This ring is for folks who have web pages that include Littlefield family history from anywhere around the world. The host site deals mostly with Littlefields in the United States.
  77. Womack Genealogy Web Ring
    Description: This Web Ring is for the Genealogical Research of The Womack Surname, and all Allied Families. If any of your ancestors married, or married into the WOMACK family, you may be able to find more information by surfing this ring.
  78. Fincher Genealogy
    Description: Research on the Fincher surname.
  79. Waite Genealogy Research Forum Webring
    Description: Dedicated to the compilation and preservation of genealogical information pertaining to the surname WAITE (all spellings)and its allied families.
  80. Tinsley Family Genealogy Ring
    Description: Tinsley Family infomation on sir names and related family intrests.
  81. Our Ancestry
    Description: If your INTERNET PRESENCE has information regarding your ANCESTRY and you are looking to expand your HERITAGE then come join in the fun. We want your knowledge regarding GENEALOGY no matter what SURNAME or REGION you are researching. We are here to help you in your search for your ROOTS. The quickest and easiest way to find your FAMILY HISTORY is through exposure. Come join Our Ancestry today. (Formerly Our Heritage Around the World)
  82. Kentucky Konnections
    Description: KyGenWeb - Genealogy homepages with a Kentucky Konnection. To be included in this ring your site must concern genealogy and must have a connection to Kentucky.
  83. Diggin in Georgia
    Description: A webring of genealogy home pages of people with at least some roots in Georgia. Sites have Georgia links, databases, and gedcoms of families with Georgia roots. Some sites have census records, marriage records, etc. Got any Georgia ancestors? Check us out!
  84. Tarheel Roots Web Ring
    Description: This ring is for web sites that feature North Carolina history, genealogy, and traditional culture. Personal home pages featuring families with Tarheel roots are welcome here. Historical, genealogical, and hereditary socieites in North Carolina are also invited to join. Commercial sites catering to these interests are wanted too. No adult sites allowed.
  85. Sl�ktforskarRingen
    Description: Swedish genealogy-ring whith pages containing lists of relatives and ancestors. A way of finding now living relatives who have the same ancestors.
  86. Hoffman Family Network Webring
    Description: Dedicated to helping the Hoffman (Hoffmann,Hofman, Hofmann, and Huffman) genealogy researcher find other Hoffman families on the internet.
  87. Scottish Genes
    Description: A ring to make finding information on Scottish genealogy easier.
  88. Jewish Roots Ring
    Description: The newly developed Jewish Roots Ring is devoted to linking those sites which deal primarily with Jewish genealogy and/or Jewish history. If you are searching for your Jewish Roots, would like some general information about Jewish genealogy and/or conducting Jewish historical research, feel free to browse around. This ring could include individual family pages as well as general research aids, databases, etc.
  89. Kentuckiana
    Description: Genealogy sites of interest to those researching the Kentuckiana area. Indiana counties: Clark, Crawford, Dubois, Floyd, Harrison, Lawrence, Perry, Scott, Washington. Kentucky Counties: Breckenridge, Hardin, Jefferson, Meade.
  90. Maggie's Ohio Web Ring
    Description: This Ring is a Connection of Genealogy Related Sites in the State of Ohio. This can include families that came from Ohio or families that passed through Ohio or families that still reside in Ohio.
  91. The Melton Family Ring
    Description: The surname Melton is a huge attraction in the genealogy out there on the www. Melton alone can bring over 60,000 hits with a search engine. Alot of us don't have time to go through that many hits until we find the ones pertaining to genealogy. This site is created for everyone who has the surname Melton in their database or if you have any Melton ancestors listed within your site.
  92. The Kimball Family Ring
    Description: A WebRing of Kimball genealogy web pages. Variations of the surname include Kimball, Kimbell, Kimbrell, Kimble, Kemble, or any other variation. If your site fits this category, let me know! We'd love to have you join.
  93. Payne/Paine/Payn Name Ring
    Description: This ring is for the many variations of the surname PAYNE, or PAINE, or PAYN, or etc. to link the many sites together. This is for more than just genealogy sites, it is intended for all those with ties to the surname, however! If your site is titled with different surname than Payne, but feel it would belong to the ring, it porbably should.
  94. AustraliaGenWeb Ring
    Description: If you have Australian genealogy or history transcripts online, or offline, this is the webring for you! We encourage people who proactively transcribe or collect source documents and inscriptions about their local area, to make these documents available through our Australia-wide network. So come, join us today. Hosted by The AustraliaGenWeb Project (formerly AGWeb).
  95. Logan County WV Webring
    Description: A ring for all Logan County WV homepages..genealogy, family, education, travel, entertainment, folklore, art history culture- humanities.
  96. Hurst Family Webring
    Description: Genealogy - Family research of the Hurst families.
  97. Blevins Web Ring
    Description: This ring includes sites of people who have the last/maiden name of Blevins or are doing genealogy research which includes the surname Blevins.
  98. Blair Surname Webring
    Description: This ring includes sites of people who are doing genealogy research on the surname Blair (Blaer, Blaier, Blaire, Blare, Blayr, Blear, Bleare, Bleer). Many people are out there looking for information on the Blair name and this ring is being established to help narrow down sites that you need to search through. My goal is to get all Blair genealogy related sites on this ring.
  99. The Powell Reunion
    Description: Genealogy sites and personal homepages by Powells.
  100. Doutt Family Web Ring
    Description: This is a ring for members of the Doutt Family and it's affiliated Family members. Anyone who has a Doutt name up their family tree is eligible to submit their site for consideration, you do not need to have genealogy on your site to join.
  101. Forbes Familiy Sites
    Description: This ring is a collection of personal homepages, genealogy and history pages that deal with or are maintained by members of any of the Forbes familes or one of it's clan septs.
  102. Keeping Family History Alive
    Description: Keep Family History Alive is a webring for sites that also display my Keep Family History Alive Award or Keep Family History Alive Site of Excellence Award. It is to group together and make easy communication with other sites where keeping your family history alive is important. Apply for the award for you genealogy web page and then join the webring.
  103. The Whaley Web
    Description: This is a list of genealogy related web sites researching the surname, Whaley.
  104. Higgins Ring
    Description: Higgins family history and genealogy around the world.
  105. The Hynes Webring
    Description: A Webring for all those named Hynes or who are researching Hynes genealogy.
  106. Armstrong Family Ring
    Description: A webring for members of the Armstrong family. Sites include genealogy, history, or personal websites. I am trying to gather as many Armstrongs as possible.
  107. Isle of Lewis Web Ring
    Description: Genealogy web pages, surnames related to my family (MacKenzie, MacLennan, MacLeod, MacDonald, etc), Isle of Lewis, Scotland, GEDCOM.
  108. The Larson Genealogy ring
    Description: The Larson genealogy ring connects websites which have a family connection to families with the surname Larson or Larsen.
  109. Ukrainian Roots
    Description: Premier Ukrainian Webring devoted to Ukrainian genealogy research and resources.
  110. The Vaughan/Vaughn WebRing
    Description: Genealogical information on the Vaughan/Vaughn surname. Genealogy
  111. Medieval Grannies
    Description: This ring means to link genealogy sites that have pages for female medieval ancestors. Ideally the sites have a sense of family history and actual interest in the ancestor that keeps it from being just lists and numbers.
  112. New England Network
    Description: Genealogy and History of the six New England states: Conneticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
  113. Hankinson Pages
    Description: Our ring is for those with the surname "Hankinson," descendants of Hankinsons, or residents of a town named "Hankinson." We are particularly interested in connecting those interested in Hankinson genealogy, but we welcome all Hankinsons.
  114. DixieQuest Network
    Description: History and genealogy of the eleven Dixie states: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia.
  115. Witherspoon Family Web Ring
    Description: Witherspoon Family Web Ring is for Witherspoon family researchers trying to find their Witherspoon roots. Lots of sites to Witherspoon genealogy and information.
  116. Newton County Mississippi Genealogists
    Description: A web ring of other genealogists who are researching their lines here in Newton County. You are invited to join the web ring if you have a web site on which you have some genealogy infomation specifically related to Newton County Mississippi.
  117. The Sicilian Ancestry Ring
    Description: This ring will be devoted to genealogy pages which have Sicilian Ancestry in their trees.
  118. Kersey Family Ring
    Description: A ring of sites with information about Kersey family history and genealogy. Alternate spellings such as Kearsey, Keirsey, Kiersey, etc. are included.
  119. Adams Family History
    Description: We represent genealogy researchers with an interest in the Adams surname. It does not matter if we are related. We desire to share what information we have on our lineage. We want to share our common knowledge and help provide the links and resources that may help others find their heritage.
  120. The Osburn Family
    Description: This ring is to link genealogy pages of the surname Osburn and all variations, Osborn; Osborne; Osbourne: Osburne; Orsborne; Orsborn, etc. The purpose is to further genealogical research.
  121. clanmackenzie
    Description: The Clan Mackenzie is limited to only those who have the Mackenzie name, no matter how it is spelt. We wish to provide a friendly group of sites encouraging genealogy and history research, and friendly social interaction be it through email, web sites, icq, fax, snail mail or any other means acceptable to our members.
  122. The Whicker Family
    Description: The official web ring for members of the Whicker family! Explore the mysterious history of our last name and genealogy. View family photos and interesting web sites to visit. Find out who your cousins are and how you're related.
  123. The Midwest Pioneers Web Ring
    Description: The Midwest Pioneers webring focuses on the history of American pioneers who settled in the midwest prior to 1900. State focus includes: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. Our primary subject focus is History and Genealogy.
  124. GeoSearches
    Description: This WebRing Pretains To Those Who Are Doing Serious Research In Any Area Of Genealogy.
  125. Adoption Ring
    Description: The Adoption Ring is a ring of over 200 web pages devoted to the best interests of adoptees and those in the adoption triad. It includes sites for adoptees, birthparents and adoptive parents.
    Description: A webring for all persons researching the surname Barlow, any spelling or variation, anywhere, anytime..includes..Barlow, Barlowe, Barlo, Barloe, Barler, Parler, Parlur, Barlage, and others yet to be discovered..
  127. Watkins Family WebRing
    Description: The Watkins Family WebRing is for anyone who is interested in the Watkins name,history,genealogy.
  128. The Trees' of Families Web Ring
    Description: This ring is for pages with family trees and information on families.
  129. Connect With Surnames
    Description: This is an exciting new webring, Connect With Surnames webring. This is the newest edition to my fast-growing website in Geocities. CWS is a surname registry, and this webring is for those who are listed at CWS.
  130. UK Genealogy Ring
    Description: A webring of sites in the UK that are connected to family history or geneology.
  131. The Reunion Users Web Ring
    Description: The Reunion(TM) Users Web Ring is, strangely enough, designed for people researching their family tree using the Leister Productions software product 'Reunion'. Although everyone on this ring uses the same software, this ring would be of interest to any genealogist.
  132. Dixieland Ring
    Description: This Dixieland Ring links the South together to show it's true and actual history. All sites hold the great and honorable traditions of the South. Southern culture, Southern heritage, Genealogy links, Southern music, true history and folklore.
  133. American Local History Network Ring
    Description: For Members of the American Local History Network.
  134. Family Album Ring
    Description: The Family Album Ring is for photography sites which feature pictures (photos or drawings or paintings) of you and yours.
  135. FosteRing
    Description: genealogical sites related to the Foster family.
  136. Harris Surname Webring
    Description: Webring to link people researching the surname HARRIS.
  137. The Ring of Boyd's - Confido
    Description: Genealogical data from Boyd Family researcher and all material related to the Boyd Family.
  138. The Harvey Webring
    Description: The Harvey Webring is open to any webmaster/mistress who is of Harvey, Harvy, Harvie, Hervey, etc. (surname)Descent, or whose website includes information on individuals of Harvey (surnames et al) descent. The site created by a Harvey does not have to be genealogical in nature to be included in the Harvey WEbring.
  139. Historical Societies
    Description: Collection of Historical Societies around the world. Many subjects. Sites with links to many, many more Historical Societies.
  140. The Original Palmer Web Ring!
    Description: The Palmer Ring is a web ring devoted to, you guessed it, linking all of us with the surname Palmer together! This ring is designed mainly for those of us doing Palmer family research, but anyone with the Palmer name is encouraged to join.
  141. The Pierce Webring
    Description: This ring is for researchers of the surname Pierce in any place at any time. Your site must have some Pierce info on it.
  142. Scott Family Webring
    Description: This ring is being started to bring together all the people who are looking for other people with the surname of SCOTT. And for those looking for ancestors with the surname of SCOTT.
  143. Irish-American Ring
    Description: A ring for Irish-Americans and people interested in Ireland and Irish subjects. Resources and information for Irish-Americans seeking their roots. Plus great links to other Irish-related sites on the web.
  144. The Day Surname Ring
    Description: The World of Days is the web site for the worldwide study of the surname DAY and it's variants DAYE, DEY and DEY. The World of Days Web Site is owned by Raymond Day and is based in England. Ray is the custodian of the study's records and is registered as the custodian with the Guild of One-Name Studies in England. Member No 2760.
  145. FiannaRing
    Description: The FiannaRing is a collection of websites created by people who are members of the Fianna-L mailing list. Anyone who is researching their Irish roots and joins the list (and has a webpage) can join the ring.
  146. Dupre Family Researchers
    Description: A site for researchers interested in the dupre/dupree/deupree family history in the United States, France and other places.
  147. The HANNA Surname Webring
    Description: The HANNA Webring is open to any website with Hanna, Hannay, Hannah, Hanner, etc. family information. A site does not have to be genealogical in nature to be included in the HANNA Webring, but should have some connection to the name Hanna or its variations.
  148. Blankenship WebRing
    Description: A site for all people who are related to the Blankenships, no matter how far back. This is a place to gather all of the information on the Blankenships.
  149. Ring of Scottish Clans
    Description: A ring connecting the many Scottish Clan and Family associations. Connections for genealogy, history, travel and general information about things Scottish.
  150. United States Colored Troops Ring
    Description: During the Civil War, there were African-Americans who fought for our country. They were the United States Colored Troops (USCT) The nation recently erected a memorial for those who fought in the USCT. The soldiers depicted in the movie "Glory" were members of the USCT. If you have a site dedicated to USCT's, you are encouraged to join us! No racial or hatred sites will even be considered. This ring is for genealogists, historians, and/or reenactors.
  151. The Babbitt Family Ring
    Description: The descendants of Edward Bobet of Taunton, Bristol County, Massachusetts.
  152. The Snavely Ring
    Description: The Snavely Ring links home pages by members of the Snavely Family worldwide.
  153. Trammell Family Webring
    Description: Webring of those researching the surname Trammell.
  154. Tucker Kingdom
    Description: TUCKER KINGDOM Web Ring has a speciality of Southside Virginia TUCKER origins and was created to bond compilers, genealogists, family historians, and other researchers whose sites include data on the surname TUCKER.
  155. Brandon Surname Webring
    Description: This ring will attempt to bring together all people who have an interest in the Brandon Surname, in an attempt to compile our information in one central location. This will make it easier for those doing research on the Brandon Family to find the information that is already available on the web.
  156. The Holton Ring
    Description: A ring for anyone who has the last name of Holton; or is in anyway connected to them. Genealogical information and just plain fun! Satisfy your curiosity today by visiting the Holton Ring!
  157. Jens Christian Jensen WebRing
    Description: This WebRing is to allow the posterity of Jens Christian Jensen to form an online community. It is to be used by only the posterity of the Orem, Utah settler Jens Christian Jensen, who emigrated from Denmark in the late 19th century.
  158. Robinett WebRing
    Description: This webring is provided for ROBINETT surname researchers, including any derivative spelling, any location and any time.
  159. The Wigley Surname Webring
    Description: Webring of those researching the surname Wigley from all of the world.
  160. Huizinga's from Groningen
    Description: A genealogical site for Huizinga (or: Huizenga, Huisinga, Huizingh) family members around the world, who are interested in their family's history. But who don't know where to turn to in the motherland, the Netherlands and the province of Groningen in particular.
  161. The Stapleton Surname Ring
    Description: A Family Surname Ring for those who are members or descendants of Stapleton.
  162. The Austin Family Web Ring
    Description: The Austin Family Webring exculsive to the family, hopefully with everyones site shown.
  163. Black Sheep In History
    Description: A ring to link homepages that pertain information about "Black Sheep" in the family such as Criminals, Outlaws, Witches etc. The person must be real and the page must contain info on the acts this person commited to obatin their "Black Sheep" status in your family.
  164. Gingell Webring
    Description: a webring dedicated to anything and everything Gingell.
  165. Webring for Elings-people
    Description: This webring contain sites made by Elings-people. (People all over the world with surname "Elings".)
  166. The Family Researcher
    Description: The Family Researcher is part of Mike's Family Researcher. This webring is designed to bring hobbyists and seasones professionals together.
  167. The Maughans Ring
    Description: A ring for the Maughans worldwide. All members either have the surname "Maughan" or are closely related. It is intended as the Ring grows to build up a worldwide cultural snapshot of the Maughans both present-day and historically.
  168. Wingroves of the Wide World
    Description: Genealogical site to serve as a clearinghouse for all things WINGROVE. The Wingrove surname is found throughout the world Canada, United States, Ireland, England, Australia and many other areas. An evergrowing database for the Wingrove name will assist any individual to develop their own awareness of self and the accomplishments of Wingroves in the Whole Wide World. RingMaster: Michael Wingrove of Canada
  169. Poxon WebRing
    Description: For everyone with the surname, Poxon.
  170. Quaker WebRing
    Description: The Quakers WebRing links together sites with a Quaker (as in The Religious Society of Friends) interest. Sites joining the ring should be owned by people who are attenders or members at Quaker meetings. The themes of the sites could cover the Quaker movement, spirituality, peace issues, social action, history, genealogy, Quaker businesses but always in the context of the Quaker movement.
  171. Lane And Allied Famlies
    Description: The Lane Descendants Web Ring is for those web sites that contain Genealogy information on your Lane Ancestors and Allied Famlies.
  172. Hispanic Comunidad/Community in Cyberspace
    Description: A community in cyberspace where individuals with hispanic heritage come to meet and share their genealogy, customs, traditions, and personal life experiences relating to their journey of discovery of family history research.
  173. The Steele Family WebRing
    Description: A collection consisting of websites honoring Steele family members, with an emphasis on genealogy, academia and the arts.
  174. Sullivan WebRing
    Description: This ring is for the personal web pages of Sullivan's. Either your lastname is Sullivan or your maiden name is Sullivan or maybe a grandparent is a Sullivan. Genealogy pages for Sullivan's would be great.
  175. Surname Gay Gen-Ring
    Description: Genealogy of the surname Gay, descendents, ancestry and all relations and variations of the name. This is not a lifestyle themed ring.
  176. Vickers Surname WebRing
    Description: Dedicated to helping those seeking to find more genealogy information about the Vickers surname in the Southeast U.S.
  177. Dakota Genealogy Web Ring
    Description: The Dakota Genealogy Web Ring is composed of internet sites that focus upon the genealogy, history, and cultural heritage of North Dakota and South Dakota.
  178. The Scottish Genealogy Ring
    Description: The Scottish Genealogy Ring Is A Link To The World Of Genealogy & Scottish Ancestory.
  179. Howard Family Genealogy Sites
    Description: Any web site that contains information about the Howard Family is welcome to join the Howard Family Genealogy Web Ring.
  180. Shannon Genealogy Webring
    Description: A genealogy ring for all Shannon surnames and relatives.
  181. Farlow Family Genealogy Ring
    Description: The Farlow Family Webring is for any website containing information on any branch, or under any similar spelling, on Farlow history or genealogy.
  182. Kentucky Genealogy
    Description: This ring is for sites that are relates to genealogy in Kentucky, all sites in the ring are free.
  183. Archer Cousins Family Genealogy
    Description: Web sites of Archer family and Archer related family genealogy, with land deeds, wills, death and birth records, marriage records, pictures, etc.
  184. The Barnhouse Genealogy Web Ring
    Description: The Barnhouse Genealogy Web Ring is open to web sites with information relevant to Barnhouse genealogy and family history research. The purpose of this ring is to make Barnhouse genealogy data quickly and easily available.
  185. Gene's Genealogy Ring
    Description: Gene's Genealogy Ring is for all Genealogist and Researchers who like Gene Enjoy Genealogy on the Internet and the Great resource it has provided. Members of the ring will enjoy constant updates on Surname information and the unique distinction of being part of a Great Group of Researchers Worldwide.
    Description: Genealogy Help,surname postings, genealogy links,volunteer lookups,free space to post all your surnames on your own page,reference material,lists census,passenger ships,mail list and link to the best real time chat room on the www!
  187. Barnum-Barnham Genealogy
    Description: Barnum - Barnham Genealogy. The English Barnhams and their American Decendants starting with Thomas Barnum (1625-1695) with links to English history sites, general genealogical sites, Barnum Newsletter and a comprehensive data base of Barnums. Also includes links to things, places and people named Barnum.
  188. Genealogy Services
    Description: This ring is for those supplying genealogy products and services commercially.
  189. German Genealogy
    Description: A site for all Genealogy of German surnames
  190. Genealogy
    Description: Genealogy Research, Passenger Lists, Census, Cemeteries, Ancestry Search and much more.
  191. Ring of Wing Family Genealogy
    Description: Webring dedicated to genealogical research of the WING and related surnames.
  192. The Cyndi's List and Generations Webring
    Description: The Cyndi's List and Generations web ring is for genealogy webmasters who have their sites linked on Cyndi's List at Submit your link for inclusion on Cyndi's List and add the web ring to your site. The Cyndi's List web site is your genealogical research portal onto the Internet with more than 39,250 categorized and cross-referenced links for genealogy in over 90 different categories!
  193. Family Heartbeats Ring
    Description: For those that are interested in families in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Have an avid interest and genealogy and in no way claim to be an expert.
  194. County Antrim Families
    Description: The County Antrim Families Ring is comprised of sites with genealogy, family history, vital records, or local history in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.
  195. The Bailey Family
    Description: Genealogy research on the Bailey families
  196. The Genealogy Help Network
    Description: Genealogy Help, online searchable databases, volunteer lookups,gateways to genealogy links on the web and more!
  197. Willis Family
    Description: Willis Family surname genealogy
  198. Brown Webring
    Description: Full Service Resource For The Name "BROWN": Gift Shop, Business Directory, E-mail with, Advertising, Genealogy, E-greeting Cards, etc.
  199. Cate/Cates Surname Webring
    Description: Bringing Cate/Cates genealogy home pages together. This also includes all possible spellings of the name.
  200. Genealogy Help Network
    Description: genealogy help, searchable databases,links, surname registry,surname search & submit,genealogy swap shop and trading post for gen related items,UK searchable databases, native american,family surname associations, volunteers & more!
  201. OKGenWeb
    Description: OKGenWeb is maintained by volunteers devoted to Oklahoma Genealogy and "free" online information.
  202. Old DeSoto County
    Description: Geneology Ring covering all of Old Desoto County, Florida which today includes the Counties of DeSoto, Glades, Hardee, Highlands, and Charlotte. Anyone with Genealogy Based Sites with family connections that were at some point located in the above five counties may join.
  203. CORNES Family History Society
    Description: The CORNES Family History Society Web ring is a collection of researchers who are dedicated to finding the origins of the surnames CORN,CORNS,CORNE,CORNES,& CORNESS.
  204. Annuaire-Memoire des CLAUDET
    Description: The site of all of the CLAUDET's family.
  205. The Donaghy Web Ring
    Description: The Donaghy Web Ring welcomes all genealogy researchers of the surname Donaghy and it's many variations: Doneghy, Donelly, Doneghe, O' Donaghy, MacDonaghy, MacDonagh, O' Donagh, Donohy, etc. This surname and it's variations appears to be largely ignored by mailing lists and bulletin boards. My goal is for us to have a home of our own on the WWW and to make family connections around the globe.
  206. Huguenot Ring
    Description: The Huguenot Ring links sites of individuals and societies which maintain the Huguenot heritage, undertake research into the Huguenot history and genealogy of Huguenot families all over the world.
  207. Melungeon WebRing
    Description: Web sites dedicated to the exploration of Melungeon (and related groups including Black Dutch, Black Irish, Brass Ankles, Carmel Indians, Guineas, Redbones, Lumbee, Pamunkey/Powhatan Indians, etc.) history, culture, and genealogy.
  208. The Tennessee Homepage WebRing
    Description: Home pages from the State of Tennessee. Personal Pages, Family Genealogies.

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