1. Probate Notices from Houston, Texas Names connected with probate notices published in the Houston Morning Star newspaper from 1839 to 1844.
  2. Sunbury County Probate Records
  3. DeKalb Historical Society Will Records Database
  4. Abstract of Ellis County Wills View the list of abstracts of this Texas county from the middle to late 1800s.
  5. Abstracts from Annapolis County, Nova Scotia Download the abstracts from the Court of Probate Records in a simple text format. Requires WinZip.
  6. Analyzing Wills for Useful Clues Learn why wills can be both the most useful and most misleading sources when researching the past.
  7. Baltimore and Anne Arundel County Wills Read the actual wills of residents from this Maryland county. Includes testaments from the 17th, 18th, and early 19th centuries.
  8. Genealogy Wills Resource for the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia offers a selection of wills from 1699 to 1896.
  9. Giles County Wills Peruse the wills of these Tennessee citizens and find out who got their possessions.
  10. Glossary of Unusual Words Found in Wills Those who are having a hard time understanding a will should check out this glossary.
  11. Lunenburg Wills Offers excerpts of historical wills from this area in Nova Scotia.
  12. Sherman Wills Browse through the wills from the descendants of Philip Sherman, the first secretary of Rhode Island.
  13. Sussex County Will Abstracts Genealogy resource provides will abstracts from this county in New Jersey. Find names of the relatives and witnesses.
  14. Wills of Mayflower Passengers Read the wills of those who made the historic journey to America in 1620.
  15. Wills on the Web View the wills of celebrities like Princess Diana, Jerry Garcia, John Lennon, Jo DiMaggio, and Benjamin Franklin.
  16. Wood County Wills Resource for this county in West Virginia provides a look at a few wills by those who passed on in the 1800s.

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