1. CART - Census Abstract Retrieval Tool
  2. The Census Lookup Site
  3. 020108_e - Index to the 1871 Census of Ontario
  4. Census Bureau
  5. ALGenWeb - Census Records Survey transcriptions of census records for many Alabama counties. Find records dating from 1820.
  6. Historical United States Census Data Browser Explore census data for the United States compiled between the years 1790 and 1970.
  7. 1703 Census of New York City Explore the information gathered by the 1703 federal census taken in New York City. Find the names and ages of the household members.
  8. 1820 Federal Population Census for Michigan Browse the 1820 census records for a collection of counties in Michigan. Research the age, gender, and race of each member of the household.
  9. 1835 Cherokee Census Index Census records for the Cherokee Indian population in 1835. Find a list of surnames and corresponding page numbers for the original records.
  10. 1849 Minnesota Territorial Census Genealogical resource offers the data compiled by the 1849 census of the Minnesota territory. Find the surname of the head of each household.
  11. 1850 Census - Greene Co., Tennessee Survey an extensive transcription of the census for this Tennessee county. Search by surname, and request printed copies.
  12. 1860 Census - Autauga County Survey a transcription of the 1860 census record from this Alabama county. Search for surnames organized alphabetically.
  13. 1860 Indian Territory Census Index Directory of census records for Oklahoma offers the number of White families living in Indian territories. Search by Indian nation.
  14. 1900 Census - Male Inmates Florida State Hospital Survey the population of this mental institution in the year 1900. Find the name, age, and marital status of each patient.
  15. 1900 Census of Nebraska Veterans Home Find the name, age, and birthplace for each individual residing in this home in Nebraska. Read a history of the veterans home.
  16. 1990 Census Name Files Provides reports on the commonality of last names and male and female first names according to statistics gathered by the US Census.
  17. Allcensus Purchase US federal census records from 1790-1920 on CD-ROM. Customers can specify particular years, states, counties and cities.
  18. Arkansas Census Documents Peruse census records for Arkansas in the 1800s. Survey mortality schedules, and naturalization records.
  19. Austin County Census - 1850 Survey the population enumeration for this Texas county for the year 1850. Find surnames and numbers of household members.
  20. Census Records for Colorado Examine the data collected by the federal census in the years 1870, 1900, and 1910 in Colorado. Find the age and gender of each household member.
  21. DeKalb County Census Records Explore the population enumerations of this Georgia county for the year 1840. Find the name of each household head.
  22. Delaware Census Explore early census records for the state of Delaware. Find military records, immigration documents, and ship passenger lists.
  23. Iowa - 1836 Territorial Census Survey an index of the 1836 census for two counties in Iowa. Examine an alphabetical listing of surnames for each county.
  24. Jamestown Census - 1624 Survey early census records for this former British colony. Find the populations of each county and the names of the adult household members.
  25. Lawrence County 1830 Census Explore an extensive transcription of the census records from the Alabama census in 1830. Find the surnames listed in alphabetical order.
  26. Lawrence County Slave Census Genealogical resource offers the transcript of the slave census for this Alabama county for 1850. Research the names of slave owners.
  27. Lawrence County, Alabama Census - 1840 Survey the extensive transcription of the census schedule for this county in 1840. Find the surnames arranged alphabetically.
  28. Lowndes County Slave Census Peruse the data compiled by this Alabama county's 1850 slave census. Find the names of slave owners and the number of slaves kept by each.
  29. Meigs County Census Records Survey the information contained in the census records for this Ohio county for the years 1820, 1830, 1840, 1850, and 1880.
  30. 1901 Census - Lunenburg County Survey the population data compiled from historical census records for this county in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  31. British Columbia Census Homepage Searchable database of census data for this Canadian province. Search by surname and find age, gender, and family information.
  32. Halifax County Census Records View an extensive collection of historical census records for this county in Nova Scotia, Canada.
  33. ONS Longitudinal Study Provides census data of vital events including births, cancers and deaths for England and Wales.
  34. Prince Edward Island Census Genealogical resource offers census records for this region of Canada. Find population enumeration documents dating from 1752.
  35. South Russian Mennonite Census Peruse the data compiled from census records for the years 1795 through 1814. Find surnames, birth years, and places of birth.
  36. UK Census Finding Aids and Indexes Search a collection of census directories by surname, occupation, and county.
  37. Iowa State Census Project
  38. 1885 Dakota Territory Census Records
  39. 1860 Federal Census - Thurston Co. Washington
  40. 1890 Federal Census - Buckley - Pierce Co. Washington
  41. 1910 Federal Census - Fox Island Precinct - Pierce Co. Washington
  42. 1910 Federal Census - Wilkeson - Pierce Co. Washington
  43. 1885 Census - Douglas Co. Washington
  44. 1910 Federal Census - Benton Co. Washington
  45. 1854 Territorial Census - Benton Co. Oregon
  46. 1920 Federal Census - Verboort Precinct - Washington Co. Oregon
  47. 1860 Federal Census - Deschutes - Wasco Co. Oregon
  48. 1860 Federal Census - Falls River - Wasco Co. Oregon
  49. 1860 Federal Census - Fifteen Mile - Wasco Co. Oregon
  50. 1860 Federal Census - Hood - Wasco Co. Oregon
  51. 1860 Federal Census - Lower Umatilla - Wasco Co. Oregon
  52. 1860 Federal Census - The Dalles (part 1) - Wasco Co. Oregon
  53. 1860 Federal Census - The Dalles (part 2) - Wasco Co. Oregon
  54. 1860 Federal Census - Tiah - Wasco Co. Oregon
  55. 1860 Federal Census - Upper Umatilla - Wasco Co. Oregon
  56. 1860 Federal Census - Walla Walla - Wasco Co. Oregon
  57. 1870 Federal Census - Western district - Wasco Co. Oregon
  58. 1870 Federal Census - Shoshone Co. Idaho
  59. 1870 Federal Census - Idaho Co. Idaho
  60. 1810 Federal Census - Town of Wilton - Fairfield Co. Connecticut
  61. 1860 Federal Census - Town of Wilton - Fairfield Co. Connecticut
  62. Pre-1790 Colonial Census Records - New Haven Co. Connecticut
  63. DHS - 1910 Census Records Database
  64. 1883 Pensioners Online - 600 links to the 1883 U.S. military pensioner list.

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