Visit our Lost Ancestor Gallery. This is a gallery of friends of the family or unknown people in our photo collection. We would like to return the photos to a rightful relative. Just click on the photo below to enter our Lost Ancestor Gallery....

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People research their family history for a number of reasons. Some do it for fun, as a hobby or just out of curiosity. Some are motivated for more practical reasons such as: determining paternity of a child, tracing medical conditions that are hereditary, tracing land ownership, heirlooms or inheritance, validating their family’s involvement in historical events, or tracing and preserving family traditions and cultures that may have been lost through the generations – this is quite particular with migrant families who do not wish to lose the true essence of their roots. Others delve into family history research to discover if they are related to key figures in the past or famous celebrities.

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Whatever the reason one embarks on this journey, it is not without effort. Fortunately, there are a number of resources to guide one through this maze into unknown and help to overcome brick walls that will definitely arise from the onset of your search.

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